Preparing your experiment & visit

 WiFi connection on EPN Campus site

(ESRF, ILL, EMBL and common buildings)


Via "EPN Visitors" network available in all EPN campus areas (ESRF, ILL, EMBL, IBS and common buildings):
  • Login: e-mail address (as registered in the ESRF 'User account')
  • Password : SMIS password - in lower cases - used to access the ESRF user account via the User Portal
via Eduroam network:The ESRF and the ILL are eduroam-compliant: users who have a valid account in another eduroam compliant institution can use this network


If you have been informed that your proposal has been accepted, you will receive an invitation from the User Office some 4 - 6 weeks before your experiment is scheduled. A local contact who is familiar with the beamline set-up will be assigned to assist you with your experiment.

The invitations for an experiment are sent by e-mail to the Main Proposer and to the co-proposer(s). The Main Proposer is the scientist responsible for collecting information, co-ordinating  arrangements for the group and transmitting details on the experimental team and the experimental session to the ESRF via the submission of the electronic A Form which must be submitted 2 weeks before the experiment starts.

Please consult carefully the information and instructions given below: they will help you to organize the visit of the experimental team and to prepare efficiently your experimental session.

Please remember that the working language of the ESRF is English and it is mandatory that at least one fluent Englis-speaking scientist participates in the experiment onsite (registered on the A-form).

Who to contact


The Experimental Team

It is mandatory that at least one fluent Englis-speaking scientist participates in the experiment onsite.

Remote User ("Remote Access Experiment")

This concerns ONLY the macromolecular crystallography experiments where the user carries out the experiment remotely from his/her home laboratory: each user carrying out the experiment from his/her laboratory must be registered via the electronic A Form as "remote" user (tick box "remote").

  • Safety Training

    All users, including the "remote users", are required to perform the ESRF SAFETY TRAINING COURSE before arriving at the ESRF and before the submission of the A Form.
    Consult also: "Safety Information for Users"
  • Visa Requirements

    Persons of nationality other than that of European countries, the USA or Japan, are advised that a visa will probably be necessary to enter France.

All the arrangements (site entrance, travel, accommodation, canteen card, financial assistance) are made on the basis of the information provided through the electronic A Form (see "Documents to provide")

The Experimental Session

  •  Data Collection & Transfer

    The ESRF provides visiting scientists with a UNIX account on the NICE system ("NICE account") installed 10 days before the experiment starts and removed automatically four weeks after the end date of the experiment.

Documents to submit

The documents necessary to prepare the experiment and to organize the visit of the experimental team at the ESRF are available in our web page: DOCUMENTS TO PROVIDE.