Publications and Scientific Documentation

Publications and scientific documentation

Newsletter and Scientific highlights

  • ESRFnews, published three times a year, reflects ongoing scientific and technical developments at the ESRF.
  • The Highlights present a concise overview of scientific and technical progress made at the ESRF. It is published annually.







Medium- and Long-term Scientific Programmes

Every year ESRF produces an updated version of its Medium Term Scientific Programme for the following five years which provides the justification of its Medium Term Financial Planning for the same period.

New ESRF publications  ILL-ESRF library catalogues

Alvarez-Vicente J., Dandil S., Banerjee D., Gunaratne H.Q.N., Gray S., Felton S., Srinivasan G., Kaczmarek A.M., Van Deun R., Nockemann P.,
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120, 5301-5311 (2016)

Astolfo A., Lathuiliere A., Laversenne V., Schneider B., Stampanoni M.,
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 23, 813-819 (2016)

Barnes A.,
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 230, 387–415 (2016)

Bauer O., Schmitz C.H., Ikonomov J., Willenbockel M., Soubatch S., Tautz F.S., Sokolowski M.,
Physical Review B 93, 235429-1-235429-8 (2016)

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