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Andrew Cairns on the ESRF's ID27 beamline. Credit: ESRF/C. Argoud

Andrew Cairns wins Young Scientist Award 2016!


The ESRF User Organisation has awarded the title of Young Scientist of the year to Dr Andrew Cairns, 27, for his ground breaking studies of negative linear compressibility. On behalf of the ESRF User Organisation, Andrew was presented the award...


Explanations during the poster session - Day 2 of the User Meeting. Credit: ESRF/P. Jayet

UM2016: Davide Orsi wins best poster award


At the User Meeting dinner, traditionally held on the 2nd day of the event, Paola Coan, Chair of the User Organisation, presented the best poster award to Davide Orsi from the Department of Physics, University of Parma, Italy.


During the signing ceremony. Left to right: T. Mandon, F. Sette, B. Girard, F. Ferroni, S. Giannini. Credit: ESRF/P. Jayet

Italian and French Ministers at ESRF for collaboration agreement


Today, the ESRF welcomed the Italian and French ministers of research to witness the signature of a collaboration agreement between the ESRF and INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare). This agreement represents a decisive milestone for...


The high performance data communication network is at the heart of all data movements at ESRF. Credit: ESRF/I. Ginzberg

ESRF takes the helm in saving data


The ESRF has taken a decisive step towards the preservation of data sets with the adoption of a data policy. The implementation of this data policy reinforces the ESRF’s leading role in the advancement of science by advocating for full and open...


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High-pressure experiments reveal the structural and chemical complexity of Fe2O3. Upon heating above ~60 GPa, iron oxides lose oxygen transforming into novel phases such as Fe5O7 and Fe25O32.

Discovery of new high pressure iron oxides points to a large oxygen source in Earth's mantle


Studies of iron oxides under extreme conditions reveal a possible novel mechanism of oxygen recycling in the Earth’s interior with potentially great impact on geochemical processes.


Exploiting the instability of solid solution endmembers to create new materials under pressure.

Creating reactivity using unstable endmembers


A new synthetic approach was used to create a solid solution of Mg and Fe nitrides bringing together unreactive starting materials and using pressure to remove the barrier to reactivity. This approach opens up new synthetic possibilities across...


The active site of the LytB protein contains a 4Fe-4S cluster with an apical iron atom linked to three water molecules.

Nuclear resonance scattering clarifies the structure of a pharmacologically relevant iron sulfur protein and its interaction with inhibitors


The LytB/IspH protein catalyses the last step of the biochemical MEP-pathway used by most pathogenic bacteria for the biosynthesis of essential terpenoids. Due to its absence in humans, the MEP pathway is a target for the development of new...


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