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A representation of the fish Rhacolepis buccalis. Credits: D. Silva and F. Tadeu

Getting to the heart of fossils


Scientists have discovered, for the first time, a fossilised heart in a 119 million-year-old fish from Brazil called Rhacolepis. This has been possible thanks to the powerful X-rays of the ESRF, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble,...


Topping-up the electrons: a constant beam for users


Top-up filling burst in to operation for the first time this week, providing users with better stability, low vertical emittance in all filling modes and a nearly constant beam current.


Around 80 students from across the globe participate in the programme. Credit: Grenoble INP - Alexis Chézières.

HERCULES: training the large-instrument scientists of the future


ID01, Tuesday morning. Five young scientists scrutinize the screens in front of them while Marie Ingrid Richard, researcher on the beamline, shows them how to aim the X-ray beam onto a silicon-germanium wafer to map its strain and structure....


Winners of Physics Olympiads visit ESRF


On 21st April 2016, the ESRF welcomed the winners of the 2nd prize in the French national physics Olympiads competition. They are a team of six high school students from the Lycée Viette in Montbéliard (north-east from Grenoble), who won the...


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Crystal structure of Fe4O5 at low temperature showing dimeric and trimeric ordering.

New type of charge-ordering transition in the novel iron oxide Fe4O5


Synthesis of new classes of compounds can lead to discoveries of novel physical phenomena as well as innovative applications. Fe4O5 is the first member of a very recently discovered family of iron oxides that can be synthesised only under high-pressu...


Combination of ptychography and scanning X-ray nanodiffraction applied to whole cells. At positions, where bundles of filamentous proteins are found, the signal is highly anisotropic and exhibits modulation that is specific to the probed structure.

X-rays enable a direct view inside biological cells


Structures within intact biological cells have been resolved quantitatively at the nanoscale using a combination of ptychography and scanning X-ray nanodiffraction. Employed sequentially, these techniques provided high resolution real space...


Crack propagation in a silicon wafer under thermal stress.

Real-time X-ray imaging of silicon wafer fracture


Fracture and breakage of single crystal silicon wafers is a severe problem for the semiconductor industry leading to million dollar costs. This is a fast and multi-lengthscale process: a crack starts on an atomic scale, forms crack fronts on...


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