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The Upgrade Programme Phase II becomes ESRF-EBS


The ESRF has renamed the second phase of its extensive Upgrade Programme ESRF - EBS, with EBS standing for Extremely Brilliant Source.


Katarina Zirova delivering her talk at the student workshop. Photo: ILL/S. Claisse

International Student Summer Programme concludes with student workshop


For the second year running, the ESRF and ILL organised a joint International Student Summer Programme for undergraduates from all over Europe. After four weeks of immersion into the world of X-ray and neutron science, the 15 students, originating...


Lateral view of adult specimen. Yellow: oesophagus and stomach; green: fatty organ. Credit: authors

The hidden lung of the Coelacanth


An international team of scientists led by Paulo M. Brito and Camila Cupello from Rio de Janeiro State University (Brazil) and in association with the Natural History Museum (France, Paris) has discovered a hidden lung in a living species of...


The Bridgman medal being presented to Paul Loubeyre by Professor T. Irifune, president of AIRAPT. Image credit: MALTA-Consolider Team.

Paul Loubeyre recognised by the Bridgman Award


Paul Loubeyre has been awarded the Bridgman Award at the joint 25th AIRAPT and 53rd EHPRG conference in Madrid, on Wed. 02 Sept. 2015. We, at the ESRF, celebrate this excellent news with Paul Loubeyre who is a longstanding user of the ESRF and...


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Trans-nonachlor, a pesticide, and 17α-ethinylestradiol, the active ingredient of the contraceptive pill, combine within a human nuclear receptor forming a ligand with enhanced activity (Image credit: Delfosse, V. et al.).

How chemicals can combine to form deadly cocktails from harmless components


We are constantly exposed to external compounds, so-called xenobiotics, in our environment. Most chemicals in use today in food and drugs have passed stringent safety tests and are not individually harmful to human health. However, combinations...


Tracking diffraction spots from individual grains in a battery while charging or discharging reveals the phase transformations that occur.

Microbeam diffraction gives new insights into the working of lithium-ion battery electrodes


Phase transitions in Li-ion electrode materials during charge and discharge are decisive for battery performance, limiting high-rate capabilities, and play a crucial role in the cycle life of Li-ion batteries. However, the difficulty to probe...


I. Kantor setting up a laser-heating experiment at beamline ID24.

Melting temperature of iron at megabar pressures: a new spectroscopic approach to estimate the Earth inner core boundary temperature


Temperature, thermal history and dynamics of the Earth rely critically on the knowledge of the melting temperature of iron at the pressure conditions of the inner core boundary (ICB). The literature on this subject is overwhelming, and no consensus...


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