Forthcoming seminars

Type Start Date End Date Name
Seminar 31/05/2017 02/06/2017 Three Lectures on X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging
Biomed Seminar Series 09/06/2017 09/06/2017 Spring 2017: Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotoxicology in Biomedical Research
Seminar 21/06/2017 21/06/2017 The European XFEL: present status and self-seeding option

Past seminars

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Type Start Date End Date Name
PhD Defense 24/05/2017 24/05/2017 Durability of Solid Oxide Cells: an experimental and modelling investigation based on synchrotron X-ray nano-tomography characterization
Seminar 23/05/2017 23/05/2017 Cryo-EM Structure of Viruses
Seminar 19/05/2017 19/05/2017 Partial coherence: a phenomenon of statistical optics - Some questions, some answers and more questions...
Seminar 19/05/2017 19/05/2017 Using XPCS to measure velocity and strain fields
Seminar 10/05/2017 10/05/2017 Nuclear Resonance Scattering: current applications and new challenges
General ILL Seminar 09/05/2017 09/05/2017 Atomistic modelling of scattering data in the Collaborative Computational Project for Small Angle Scattering (CCP6sas): new insight into antibody conformations
Biomed Seminar Series 05/05/2017 05/05/2017 Spring 2017: Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotoxicology in Biomedical Research
Seminar 05/05/2017 05/05/2017 Metal soaps: physicochemical and structural study, their identification in artworks, and coordination polymers with technological applications based on them. Studies with synchrotron radiation
Seminar 24/04/2017 24/04/2017 Combining High Resolution and High Energy X ray powder diffraction as a tool to investigate porous materials
SciSoft Coffee Seminar 13/04/2017 13/04/2017 Phonons calculations, triple-axes spectrometers, and more