Forthcoming seminars

Type Start Date End Date Name
Seminar 26/02/2018 26/02/2018 "Giant Battery Innovation" seminar focused on cathode material"
Seminar 01/03/2018 01/03/2018 High-Z pixel sensors (first part of the Seminar)
Seminar 01/03/2018 01/03/2018 EIGER: Extremely hIGh rate detEctoR (second part of the Seminar)
Seminar 08/03/2018 08/03/2018 X-ray microscopy and ever brighter beams: opportunities and challenges.
Biomed Seminar Series 23/03/2018 23/03/2018 Ptychography and Holography for 3D exploration of biological tissues

Past seminars

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Type Start Date End Date Name
Seminar 22/02/2018 22/02/2018 Using Multi-Reflection Bragg Coherent Diffraction to Understand Focused Ion Beam Damage.
Seminar 20/02/2018 20/02/2018 Pressure induced local structural changes and its implication on the electronic properties: studies on few selected layered systems
Seminar 19/02/2018 19/02/2018 Structure and chemistry of noble gases at Earth’s core conditions
Seminar 19/02/2018 19/02/2018 Experimental investigations into the Earth’s deep chemical and physical recycling processes
Seminar 07/02/2018 07/02/2018 Synchrotron and X-ray Optics at Carl Zeiss
Seminar 02/02/2018 02/02/2018 Additive Manufacturing Inspired Machine Learning and Synchrotron Experiments: Diffraction and Dynamic X-ray Radiography
Seminar 01/02/2018 01/02/2018 Calibration Strategies for Convergent Beam SPECT and CT
Seminar 23/01/2018 23/01/2018 Perspectives of spatially fractionated radiation therapy at synchrotrons
Seminar 19/01/2018 19/01/2018 Evolution of High-speed Image Sensors toward the Temporal Resolution Limit
Biomed Seminar Series 19/01/2018 19/01/2018 Winter 2018: Muscle contraction and articulation using synchrotron radiation