Kick-off Meeting: Introduction to ESRF biomed beamlines

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The seminars will be held at the EPN Campus Grenoble starting at 9.30am.

Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotoxicology in Biomedical Research

  1. Analysis in tissues: Friday 5 May 2017
    Understanding implant-tissue interactions by multi-modal X-ray imaging (Tilman Gruenewald, ID13 Microfocus Beamline)
    X-ray microspectroscopy at ID21: Applications in nano(eco)toxicology (Hiram Castillo-Michel, ID21 X-ray Microscopy Beamline)
  2. Analysis in cells: Friday 9 June 2017
    Sub-cellular X-ray fluorescence imaging of metal-based anticancer drug (Sylvain Bohic, UGA - EA 7442 RSRM - ID16 Nanoimaging beamline)
    Applications of nanoparticules in cells (Isabelle Michaud-Soret, Equipe Biologie des Métaux CEA)
  3. Analysis in organisms: Thursday 11 January 2018 (exceptionnally venue at CHU Grenoble)

Microenvironnement, Plasticité Cellulaire et Signalisation: Friday 6 October 2017

Joint seminar with the Institute for Advanced Biosciences (IAB)
Venue: Col de Porte
Programme here

Synchrotron Radiation and Muscle Contraction and Articulation: Friday 19th January 2018

Venue: CIBB Seminar Room, second floor
Development of speckle X-ray based imaging for musculoskeletal disorders (Hélène Labriet, ID17 Biomedical beamline & Novitom Advanced 3D microimaging)
Muscle structure-function relationship probed by small-angle X-ray diffraction (Narayan Theyencheri, ID02 X-ray Scattering beamline)

Ptychography and Holography for 3D exploration of biological tissues: Friday 23rd March 2018

Venue: CIBB Seminar Room, second floor
Deep and precise exploration of tissue and cells in their native context with (cryo) X-ray holographic nanotomography (Alexandra Pacureanu, ID16A Nano-imaging beamline)
Quantitative label-free bio-imaging by ptychography and Fourier ptychography (Julio C. da Silva, ID16A Nano-imaging beamline)

Dental Enamel: Formation, Destruction and Synthesis: Friday 20th April 2018

Extraordinary Biomed Seminar - Synchrotron X-ray diffraction to understand
Venue: CIBB Seminar Room, second floor
Speaker: Maisoon Al-Jawad, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Synchrotron X-ray Fiber Diffraction to reveal the Structure Dynamics of Microtubules: Friday 15th June 2018 at 2pm

Extraordinary Biomed Seminar
Venue: CIBB Seminar Room, second floor
Speaker: Shinji Kamimura, Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University, Tokio, Japan