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This section is split into several categories accessible via the menu to the left:

Find a beamline

A quick link to finding the right beamline for your research. Here you can search for a beamline using different criteria including maximum and minimum beam size and energy range.

Apply for beamtime

This section provides information on the status of the beamlines and the different types of proposals. It gives guidelines on how to apply for beamtime as well as information on the review process.

User guide

The User Guide is structured around the different stages of your experiment at the ESRF - before, on site and after - and provides practical information and instructions to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  For industrial clients wishing to purchase beamtime, please first go to Industry Solutions.

Experimental Facilities

A detailed description of each beamline group is provided here, with access to the pages of individual beamlines. Collaborating Research Group beamlines and Technical Beamline Support (laboratories, computing support and instrument support) are also covered in this section.


A section dedicated to the ESRF accelerator complex, giving information on the machine status, parameters and operation schedules. Find out more about the aims and challenges of  EBS - the Extremely Brilliant Source.

Support and Infrastructure

All the support services and laboratories available at the ESRF, with information about the instrumentation and data analysis services and expertise.

Publications and Scientific Documentation

Provides access to the scientific publications available at the library and other scientific documentation.

Information for Users


# Standard and BAG beamtime
Aug. 2017 - Feb. 2018:

1st MARCH 2017 (inclusive)

# Long Term Projects to be completed by the end of 2018:

15th JANUARY 2017 (inclusive)

Review Committee Meetings:

27th and 28th April 2017

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