Current Issue: June 2018, No. 79

Focus on Instrumentation

In June, the ESRF News magazine focuses on instrumentation. From being the first synchrotron worldwide to fully exploit insertion devices in the storage ring, the ESRF's policy to continuously develop and push evolve has led to a unique range of instrumentation in many fields, and over a 30-year time-span. The issue also explores the four pillars of instrumentation on which the EBS will rest:  Optics, detectors, control and mechatronics, and software.  Also in this issue, the ESRF takes a look at colour, with a step back in time to pay homage to the man who brought us full-colour photos, Louis Ducos du Hauron, and ahead in time to the scientists who have tested a synthetic material that mimics the characteristics of chameleon skin, opening vast possibilities for medical implants. 

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