Traineeships and sandwich courses

Traineeships currently proposed by the ESRF:

More than 100 trainees are welcomed every year at the ESRF, giving students an opportunity to put into practice their knowledge in an international environment. Their help is very useful to the working groups of the ESRF.

Our objective is to help students to obtain their diploma by offering them a first experience in a professional context.

The main fields concerned are:

    Sciences: physics, chemistry, materials
    Technical: mechanical engineering, electronics, power supply, vacuum, safety
    Computing: industrial computing, management computing, networks
    Human resources, pay
    Administrative subjects: communication, translation, finance, secretariat

Our traineeships and sandwich courses help to reinforce the links between teaching institutions and the professional world.

Traineeships must be covered by a work placement agreement ("convention de stage") signed by the teaching institution, the ESRF and the student.

For sandwich courses, the ESRF and the teaching institution can inform you of the administrative procedures.

More on the traineeship experience at the ESRF

See below the list of traineeships currently proposed by the ESRF

CyRod 2018.docx

How to apply?

Please send a cover letter and a CV, either by email to Evelyne Jean-Baptiste, or by post to:

Human Resources Service
CS 40220
F-38043 Grenoble cedex 9 France


Once your application has been selected, you will need to find accommodation in Grenoble. The ESRF HR service can help you if needed. Please contact Leila Van Yzendoorn

Please note that most student residences require you to pay a deposit ("caution") and will ask for a guarantor and proof of  home insurance, depending on the duration of your stay. The ESRF cannot act as guarantor.