The laboratory request forms listed below can be downloaded either in this page or in the A Form (tab 'Sample environment') in which each laboratory can be requested, if relevant, via a checkbox. Please note that permanent visitors at the ESRF and ESRF/ILL/EMBL staff members participating in the experiment must also be indicated on these forms.

Chemistry Laboratory
Cellular Biology Laboratory
Atomic Force Microscopy Platform (AFMP)
EMBL Laboratory
Electrochemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory request form

If you wish to use the ESRF Chemistry Laboratory, please consult the 'instructions for the use of the Chemistry Lab' and complete a request form listing all persons who will use the laboratory.  The form must be signed by the appropriate representative of your institute:

1. Request the use of the chemistry laboratory via checkbox in A Form (User Portal)
2. Complete the form (Word format/PDF format)
3. Send the form to the User Office and to the Chemistry Lab at least 15 days before the start of the experiment.

Cellular Biology Laboratory request form

If you wish to use the Biomedical Facility Cellular Biology Laboratory (containment level 2):

  1. Request lab via checkbox in A Form in User Portal
  2. Complete the form:  Word format | PDF format
  3. Email to and to the Safety Group 6 weeks before your needs

Atomic Force Microscopy Platform (AFMP) form

The Partnership for Soft Condensed Matter (PSCM) Atomic Force Microscopy Platform addresses issues related to the mechanical properties and application of forces at nanoscale, integrating them with measurements at large scale instruments. To request use of the AFMP, fill out the PSCM_LabsUserForm (word document) and send it to pscm-support. You can access our equipment page on the EPN campus website.

EMBL Laboratory request form

The ESRF biological support laboratory at the EMBL outstation (EMBL Laboratory), located close to the ESRF Experimental Hall, provides basic biochemical, biological, biophysical and crystal mounting facilities, which are available only for ESRF biological users. These facilities are reserved for experiments where the needed support is not available within the ESRF.

Crystal/sample mounting laboratories are provided at the beamlines. If you require support other than crystal mounting, please enter your detailed requirements in the EMBL Laboratory request form. The safety officer and the lab support staff must approve your request. You will be notified of their decision by e-mail.

  1. Request use of the lab via checkbox in A Form in User Portal
  2. Complete the form (word document)
  3. Send an email to EMBL laboratory support at least 1 month before your arrival

If you have questions about the EMBL Laboratory, please contact

Kevin Karotsch
(+33) (0)476 20 9405

If you intend to work in the EMBL Laboratory during the weekend or between 07:00-08:00, you must wear an alert device for isolated workers. Please contact Kevin Karotsch
to arrange for the device.

Electrochemistry Laboratory

The Electrochemistry Laboratory is operated by the staff of beamline ID32. It is available on a limited basis to users. Contact Helena Isern  (+33) (0)476 88 2979.

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