Sample Environment

The SAXS/WAXS station has been designed so that it is possible to mount and interface relatively large equipment. Equipment varies depending on whether you measure in transmission geometry or at glancing angle.

We can install:

  1. Heating stages (from –150 °C to +600 °C).
  1. In-line Differential Scanning Calorimetry (LINKAM DCS 600). The operating temperature range is from –150 °C to +575 °C. This is routinely installed on the beamline.
  2. High temperature furnace (up to 1500 °C).
  3. Tensile tester (LINKAM TST 350).
  4. Shear devices (Linkam shear cell and couette shear cell).
  5. In-line Rheometer Anton Paar (DPI). (please consult the beamline scientists)
  6. Cryostream.
  7. In-line magnetic fields (from 0 up to 7 Tesla)

more photos

Overview of standard sample environment equipment



In addition we have many

non-standard sample environment setups

which can be requested.

BM26B sample environment-top2.gif

Our user groups sometimes provide their own sample environment which can be mounted on the beamlines with the help/advice of the DUBBLE staff. Visitors may use our standard sample/sample environment mounting plates or design and bring their own. The use of equipment should be discussed with the beamline scientists in advance. 


Example science performed here using non-standard sample environment:  simultaneous SAXS/WAXS in a vertical configuration, film-blowing, simultaneous extensional rheometry, SAXS and WAXS


Here are links to possible suppliers of diamond and mica for use as X-ray window materials