LDPE-film blowing

Equipment for making garbage bags was set up on BM26B to investigate the microstructure of LDPE films

Enough polymer film is made every year to wrap up the Earth at least three times. Improving the quality of films would allow production of thinner films with the same performance characteristics as the older generation of film, with consequently less environmental impact. This work is a collaboration between TU Eindhoven, the University of Genoa and DUBBLE staff.

Below, a series of pictures taken while preparing the experiment.

LDPE-film overview
LDPE film + Daniel adding LDPE
LDPE-film + Bob LDPE-film + Wim


The right-hand picture shows the large pile of plastic bags that were created during the experiment.

LDPE-film blowing LDPE-film bunch


Last but not least, click on the image below to have a virtual visit of the SAXS/WAXS beamline while the LDPE-film machine was prepared for use.

LDPE-film machine
Virtual visit by CHLOROPHYLLE