overview standard sample environments

 routine setups, "plug and play"!

standard multi-sample holders multi sample holder metal plate holding up to 50 samples
multi capillary.jpg multi capillary holder  
multi capillary holder with temperature control (via water)  
mechanical response tensile stage.jpg

Linkam Tensile stage

Tensile Force range 0.01N to 20N or 0.1 to 200N

-196 to 350°C with 0.1°C control and up to 60°C/ min rates

transmission geometry
shear cell.png

Linkam Shear cell

450°C (-50 to 450°C on Cryo CSS450)

transmission geometry (thin samples)
rheometer.jpg (Rheometer)

Anton Paar rheometer


1 Tesla magnet

field parallel or perpendicular to beam

temperature variation sample-pillar-copy.jpg (Sample pillar)

Linkam DSC 600


Temperature range  -150° to 575°C

Up to 130°C/min heating/cooling

Minimum  heating/cooling rates of 0.1°C per minute



Linkam capillary holder


Temperature range: > -196°C to 350°C

2mm or 1mm  capillaries



to 1000 °C

stop flow cell.png

Bio-Logic Stop flow cell

SFM 400 (4 syringes)

early stage kinetics



 setups for grazing incidence geometry

standard multi-sample holders multi sample holder  
temperature variation sample-pillar-copy.jpg (Sample pillar)

heating stage