Magnetic fields

4T magnet

We have been able to borrow a 4T magnet from the XMaS beam line

The XMaS/AMI superconducting magnet has been designed to fit within the Euler cradle of a Huber diffractometer and allows three field orientations. The geometry allows the magnet to be turned along the vertical axis through 90º, facilitating application of magnetic fields both along and transverse to the incident beam directions. This means that both transverse and longitudinal fields may be applied.  It may also be mounted to provide a vertical field allowing additional contrast in resonant magnetic scattering studies. It can deliver a field of 4 T in a large 40 mm opening warm bore with a 180º scattering aperture

1.5T magnet

For magnetic fields below 1.5 Tesla we have constructed a simple system based on two permanent magnets. The magnet can be rotated around a vertical axis, so the X-rays can pass through the sample parallel or vertical to magnetic field. The magnetic field is adjusted by changing the gap between the permanent magnets
Temperature control is available for temperatures up to 150° C.

magnetperma01.jpg (Magnetperma01)

1.5T magnet

tnmagnetperma03.jpg (Tnmagnetperma03)
  Dependence of the magnetic field on the gap between the two magnets







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4 Tesla magnet 7 Tesla magnet