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Providing solutions for industry from around the world since 1995

Our industrial services offer you a privileged and practical access both to our 40 X-ray beamlines and to our expertise, enabling us to help solve your process problems, reduce your product-to-market times and enhance your R&D programmes.


"More than just X-rays, we match our expertise, in-situ sample environments and our years of experience to your industrial R&D needs"


The application sectors for synchrotron radiation are very broad, covering pharmaceuticals, chemistry, catalysis, cosmetics, food, batteries, nanotechnologies, medicine, advanced and structural materials and non-destructive testing amongst many others. Our wide impact and relevance is demonstrated by the confidence major companies such as GlaxoSmithKline (UK), AstraZeneca (UK & Swe), TOTAL (Fr), Pfizer (UK), Procter & Gamble (UK), Toyota CRDL (Japan), Merck (Ger), Rhodia (Fr), and Unilever (NL) have in the ESRF.

Discover the wide range of experimental techniques that are available, often allowing experiments in real time and under real operating conditions, such as macromolecular crystallography, tomography, diffraction, fluorescence, EXAFS, SAXS, WAXS and infrared microscopy.

ESRF products and laboratory services

As well as our beamlines, the ESRF has many state-of-the-art services and products with unique laboratories and specialist pieces of equipment available. For example our X-ray optics, multilayer and in-house designed electronic hardware and X-ray detectors.


Why use the ESRF?

* The ESRF has obtained the Agrément du Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR) from the French Ministry of National & Higher Education and Research.  This agreement is valid for 5 years, retroactively from 1st January 2016 until the end of 2020, renewable. This allows our French industrial clients to claim back tax on their industrial research carried out at the ESRF.

* We are a world reference for industrial and academic use of synchrotron radiation.

* We have 20 years' experience in providing solutions to industry.

* The Business Development Office is your dedicated point of contact, our flexibility is particularly appreciated by our clients.

* Through the BDO, we put you in contact with our highly experienced scientists who are at your disposal to find solutions for your problems.

* Over 40 state-of-the-art beamlines are available for industrial solutions using a wide range of experimental techniques.

* When bringing in the ESRF to help your industrial problems, the intellectual property of your results and discoveries belong solely to you.

* If you can't come to the ESRF, just send us your samples, we can do the data collection for you.  Data analysis is also possible. For MX clients we provide Remote access to the ESRF which brings the power of the synchrotron to your own laboratory or office.

* Do you need many shifts? Find out about becoming a privileged Best Client for MX experiments, or benefit from our sliding scale of prices for all non-MX experiments.

* Our on-site Guesthouse, a few minutes' walk from the beamlines, provides comfortable rooms at unbeatable rates, a company restaurant with hot meals at lunch and in the evening.

* We have some of the best facilities worldwide, but constantly strive to improve our technology and beamlines.  The ESRF has recently undertaken its Upgrade Programme to refurbish many existing beamlines and to build eight new beamlines with unique capabilities.

Our neighbours

Our sister institute, the Institut Laue-Langevin has similar research services for industry with high-intensity neutron beams which give complementary information to our X-ray-based experiments.

 Direct contact to the ESRF's Business Development Office