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L-shaped marker written by electron-beam assisted deposition to serve as guide to the iridium nanoparticle that was preselected in the SEM at DESY NanoLab. The marker serves as a test marker for the advanced nano-object transfer and positioning protocol to be developed within NFFA. In this experiment, the users are exploiting the absorption of the substrate Bragg peak within the marker material.

#weekendusers Catalysis in a nanoparticle


How do you study a single nanoparticle in a catalyst as it works? This is the challenge of a team of scientists from DESY who will spend this weekend on ID01, characterising a tiny iridium particle of 100 nanometres in a small catalyst model....


Members of the team (L to R), Mehdi Zeghal, Stéphane Bressanelli and Guillaume Tresset examine the set-up in the experimental hutch of ID02. Credit: ESRF/C. Argoud

#weekendusers: Finding out how viruses package the genome


Viruses are ubiquitous pathogens in all types of life forms. They cause major public health issues and create serious economic concerns worldwide. These infectious agents replicate inside the living cells of other organisms by selectively capturing...


Mejd Alsari Almheiri and ESRF Director General Dr. Francesco Sette, ESRF

The First UAE Synchrotron User Meeting


On 6 December 2016 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will host the first UAE Synchrotron User Meeting. International synchrotron experts and UAE scientists will meet and discuss how the UAE can benefit from synchrotron light.


Caroline Bissardon wins the L’Oréal UNESCO Women in Science award


Caroline Bissardon, ESRF user, is one of the recipients of the L’Oréal UNESCO Women in Science awards this year. At 25, she is researching the unexplored role of selenium in cartilage as the subject of her PhD and has used the ESRF extensively.


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Perovksite solar cells under the nXRD microscope


A new technique based on scanning nanofocus X-ray diffraction paves the way for a better understanding of the links between crystal structure and morphology of the perovskite photo-active layer employed in third-generation solar cells.


Magnetic refrigeration: unusual interplay between magnetism and chemical bonding revealed


Magnetic refrigeration is based on the magnetocaloric effect, which is associated with the temperature change of a material when placed in a magnetic field. X-ray techniques and DFT calculations were used to investigate the first-order magnetoelastic...


Ghost image of a copper wire.

X-ray ghost imaging using individual synchrotron pulses


Ghost imaging is an indirect method in which most of the X-rays used for the experiment never actually interact with the sample. The first demonstration of X-ray ghost imaging has been carried out at beamline ID19. The method uses two copies...


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