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A darkened electrochromic film on plastic prepared by chemical condensation. Credits: Cockrell School of Engineering.

ESRF hard X-rays help in developing disordered materials for "smart windows"


An international team of researchers has invented a new flexible smart window material that, when incorporated into windows, sunroofs, or even curved glass surfaces, will have the ability to control both heat and light from the sun. The ESRF...


The three-week summer shutdown is an intensive time for teams working on the accelerator complex.

ESRF deploys Olympic efforts for accelerator shutdown


It’s thirty degrees in the shade and the water fountain is in heavy demand. Although a continuous hum of escaping air might be mistaken for crickets, there’s no sun, no sea and it’s nothing like Rio. Welcome to ‘The Tunnel’, home to the ESRF’s...


ESRF scientist, Marco Moretti, with student, Yi Yao, inside the experimental hutch of ESRF's ID20 beamline. Credit: ESRF/C. Argoud

ESRF gives students a springboard into the future


They are British, Finnish, French, Chinese and Italian. They are young and talented and have overcome fears and apprehensions to give their education an unforgettable boost. They have chosen the ESRF as a springboard to the future. They are...


Skull of the Heterodontosaurus tucki dinosaur. Credit: ESRF/P. Jayet

ESRF scans most complete heterodontosaurus skeleton ever found


The ESRF had an extraordinary and ancient visitor this week: the most complete fossil skeleton ever found of the small plant-eating dinosaur, heterondontosaurus tucki, which roamed the earth 200 million years ago. This exceptional specimen was...


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The structure of SnoK, one of the key enzymes in the biosynthesis of nogalamycin, a potential anti-cancer drug.

Structural basis of an unusual carbocyclisation in nogalamycin biosynthesis


The final steps in the biosynthesis of nogalamycin involve two atypical reactions, an epimerisation and a chemically challenging C–C-bond formation, which so far have been poorly understood. We show that these reactions are catalysed by two...


Visualisation of grain-resolved internal stress in a nickel-titanium alloy undergoing deformation through 3D-XRD.

Localised deformation in nickel-titanium shape memory alloy wires


Super elastic nickel-titanium (NiTi) alloys can tolerate large deformations due to a stress-induced martensitic transformation. When NiTi wire is stretched, a propagating macroscopic transformation front moves along the wire, separating transformed...


Mussels incorporate manganese into their carbonate shells and are a proxy archive for the interpretation of past climate changes.

Manganese incorporation into mussel shells elucidated using X-ray emission spectroscopy


The carbonate shell of freshwater bivalves records changes in the surrounding water as it grows. In this way, bivalves created an archive of environmental changes during periods that predate our instrumental data records. A team of scientists...


Mounting the EuO sample in the cryostat at beamline ID28. Credit: S. Stankov, KIT.

New phenomenon in old material: giant spin-phonon interaction unveiled in EuO


A remarkably strong and anisotropic spin-phonon coupling was discovered for the ferromagnetic semiconductor europium monoxide through synchrotron experiments, inelastic X-ray scattering and nuclear inelastic scattering, and density functional...


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