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The ESRF launches a new generation of synchrotrons


Today the ESRF officially launched Phase II of its innovative renovation project, the Upgrade Programme. The highlight and major technological challenge of this second step is the creation of an ultra-bright synchrotron source with performances...


Professor John R. Helliwell on the EPN Campus, February 2015. Photo copyright ILL/S. Claisse.

The Max Perutz Prize awarded to Professor John R. Helliwell


The Max Perutz Prize of the European Crystallographic Association has been awarded to Professor John R. Helliwell, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of Manchester for “his long, generous and fruitful dedication to developing all aspects...


Michael Krisch (left) accepting his appointment as Head of the Instrumentation Services and Development Division, with Luis Sánchez Ortiz, Director of Administration.

New Head for the Instrumentation Services and Development Division


ESRF Management has appointed Michael Krisch as the new Head of the Instrumentation Services and Development Division. Michael replaces Jean Susini, who recently joined Harald Reichert as Director of Research. The appointment comes into effect...


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An active Ru-Pd bimetallic particle for the selective conversion of levulinic acid to γ-valerolactone.

Better together: a novel bimetallic catalyst for the efficient processing of biomass


Chemists from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, together with researchers at University College London (UK) and Lehigh University (USA), have managed to develop a novel bimetal alloy catalyst which is both faster and more efficient when...


Sketch of a diamond anvil cell and microscope image of the sample studied.

New iron hydrides synthesised under pressure


Many calculations have predicted exceptional properties of hydrides at high pressure, namely a high hydrogen storage capacity and a possible conventional high Tc superconductivity. Yet, these properties remain to be tested. Scientists working...


Illustration of the interface between a silicon wafer and a self-assembled octadecyltrichlorosilane monolayer.

What is between the amorphous native oxide layer and the underlying crystalline silicon?


Silicon surfaces are passivated by a silicon oxide layer. X-ray reflectivity measurements at the ESRF show that the junction between the silicon oxide and crystalline silicon layers has a low density region, for which the reflectivity measurements...


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