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MASSIF-1: massively automated sample selection integrated facility. Photo: ESRF/Max Alexander

MASSIF-1: Rise of the robots transforms MX


A new era of automation in structural biology has begun with the opening of the upgrade beamline MASSIF-1. MASSIF-1, which stands for « massively automated sample selection integrated facility », is a world leading unique facility for the fully...


This year's crop of STFC apprentices during their placement, photographed at the ESRF. Credit: ESRF/Argoud

A seasonal batch of apprentices


Every year the ESRF offers over a hundred technical and administrative traineeships. It also plays temporary host to apprenticeships offered by other institutes, for example the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) in the UK, whose...


The tiny fossilised egg studied at the ESRF with colouring to show the embryonic bones preserved in the egg. Credit: E. Buffetaut/V. Fernandez

A tough egg to crack - oldest lizard embryos discovered in fossil eggs


Since their discovery in Thailand in 2003, scientists have puzzled over the identity of a batch of tiny fossilised eggs, originally concluding that they belonged to a small theropod dinosaur or a primitive bird. Today, with the ESRF's ultra-bright...


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Light-sensitive chrome yellow paints exposed to different wavelengths of monochromatic light.

Effect of visible light on chrome yellow pigments: towards safer illumination of paintings


Knowledge of the effect of visible light on light-sensitive pigments such as chrome yellows is of great importance for the long-term conservation of unique masterpieces including those by Vincent van Gogh. A combination of high spatial resolution...


Complex modulated magnetism in PrPtAl at the interface between ferromagnetism and paramagnetism suggests a new route for creating complex magnetic order. The image shows the magnetic structure deduced from the diffraction map in the bottom plane (and other measurements) over the temperature range indicated.

Complex modulated magnetism in PrPtAl


The discovery and characterisation of complex modulated magnetism in PrPtAl at the interface between ferromagnetism and paramagnetism suggests a new route for creating complex magnetic order.


X-ray phase contrast microtomography of the lumbar-sacral region of the spinal cord (size: 1.2 mm)

Imaging the micro-vascular network and the neuronal system in a spinal cord


The repair capacity of an injured spinal cord relies on the interplay between the vascular network and the neuronal system. Our knowledge of how these two intricate systems overlap at the submicrometric level has been limited by the imaging...


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