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The wheels are in motion for the creation of an African Light Source.

Grenoble Resolutions mark historical step towards an African Light Source


The first meeting of the African Light Source Conference and Workshop, hosted at the ESRF from 16-20 November, concluded with a set of resolutions as well as a roadmap with short-, medium-, and long-term goals defined to strengthen the light...


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ESRF Welcomes the First African Light Source Conference and Workshop


In the context of the 2015 UNESCO International Year of Light, scientists from across the world and government officials have convened at the ESRF to discuss the development of a roadmap towards the increased use of light sources in scientific...


Giacomo Ghiringhelli in front of the spectrometer that he helped to build on ESRF's ID32 beamline. Credit: ESRF/C. Argoud

Kai Siegbahn Prize 2015 awarded to long-standing ESRF user


Professor Giacomo Ghiringhelli has been awarded the Kai Siegbahn Prize 2015 for work in spectroscopy carried out at the ESRF's ID08 and ID32 beamlines, as well as at the Swiss Light Source.


3D rendering of a skeletal muscle fibre. Credit: Wikiversity Journal of Medicine.

Change of paradigm for skeletal muscle regulation


Scientists from Italy and the United Kingdom, in collaboration with the ESRF, have demonstrated a new regulation mechanism which provides a novel explanation for the dynamic and energetic properties of skeletal muscle. These findings offer a...


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The CBRAM device during an electrical test

The resistive switching mechanism of CBRAM clarified by XAS


Ag:GeSx-based conductive-bridging random-access memory (CBRAM) were characterised using synchrotron techniques before and after electrical switching. These experiments gave fundamental insight into the diffusion phenomenon of Ag+ in Ag-GeSx...


XRF map of Fe for a 100 micrometre square region of human lung tissue containing asbestos bodies.

Asbestos exposed lung tissue changes revealed by X-ray spectroscopy


Using a combination of two advanced spectromicroscopy techniques at the ESRF, researchers revealed unique elemental and chemical features that characterise tissue response to asbestos fibres and particulates. The results demonstrate that asbestos...


A 2D projection of a reconstructed 3D Neospora caninum cell. Scale bar: 500 nm.

3D imaging of whole cells using cryocooled coherent X-ray diffraction


X-ray imaging of whole cells using coherent diffraction has the potential to bridge the gap between optical and electron microscopy. However, radiation damage has proven limiting. An international team of scientists, including the ESRF, have...


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