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How do breast milk components interact with human norovirus?


Norovirus, a highly contagious stomach bug, affects millions of people of all ages around the world. There are very few ways to prevent infections and the disease can be dangerous for babies, since they can quickly become dehydrated. Researchers...


A representation of the fish Rhacolepis buccalis. Credits: D. Silva and F. Tadeu

Getting to the heart of fossils


Scientists have discovered, for the first time, a fossilised heart in a 119 million-year-old fish from Brazil called Rhacolepis. This has been possible thanks to the powerful X-rays of the ESRF, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble,...


Topping-up the electrons: a constant beam for users


Top-up filling burst in to operation for the first time this week, providing users with better stability, low vertical emittance in all filling modes and a nearly constant beam current.


Around 80 students from across the globe participate in the programme. Credit: Grenoble INP - Alexis Chézières.

HERCULES: training the large-instrument scientists of the future


ID01, Tuesday morning. Five young scientists scrutinize the screens in front of them while Marie Ingrid Richard, researcher on the beamline, shows them how to aim the X-ray beam onto a silicon-germanium wafer to map its strain and structure....


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Silver, sulfur and silicon distribution in soil by µ-XRF.

Fate of silver nanoparticles in agricultural soils amended with sewage sludge


Silver nanoparticles released from consumer products end up in waste water treatment plants and may then be transferred to agricultural soils through the use of sewage sludge as fertiliser. Results from this study challenge the current idea...


Single atom magnets viewed by scanning tunnelling microscopy.

Experimental realisation of single-atom magnets


The existence of single-atom magnets has been proven by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism. Monodisperse holmium atoms adsorbed on a nonmagnetic MgO thin film display magnetic hysteresis up to a temperature of 30 K and with magnetic relaxation...


Crystal structure of Fe4O5 at low temperature showing dimeric and trimeric ordering.

New type of charge-ordering transition in the novel iron oxide Fe4O5


Synthesis of new classes of compounds can lead to discoveries of novel physical phenomena as well as innovative applications. Fe4O5 is the first member of a very recently discovered family of iron oxides that can be synthesised only under high-pressu...


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