Fabrication of OSAKA MIRROR for Synchrotron Applications

Start Date
23-03-2018 11:00
End Date
23-03-2018 12:30
Room 1-45, LOB Lab and Office Building
Speaker's name
A. Ueda and Y. Ichii
Speaker's institute
JTEC Corporation
Contact name
F. Mengoni
Host name
Ray Barrett
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We have been fabricating OSAKA MIRROR using EEM, nano-fabrication, and RADSI and MSI, nano-measurements, developed by Osaka University [1]. We have delivered more than 400 Super Precision Mirrors to synchrotron radiation facilities worldwide.

We will give an overview of our production technologies. Then we will report some

focusing results using our OSAKA MIRRORs installed at SPring-8 and SACLA [2][3].

In addition, we will show fabrications of challenging mirrors which are developed in

collaboration with Osaka University and SPring-8.


[1] K. Yamauchi et al., Rev. Sci. Instrum. 73 (2002) 4028.

[2] H. Ohashi et al., J. Phys.: Conf. 425 (2013) 052018.

[3] H. Yumoto et al., Nature Photon. 7 (2013) 43.

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