The President of the Helmholtz Association visits the ESRF


The President of the Helmholtz Association (Germany), Professor Juergen Mlynek, visited the ESRF on 4 October. His aim was to get to know the institute and discuss the science and the future with ESRF researchers.

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After a presentation of the ESRF and its Long Term Strategy programme by the Director General, Bill Stirling and the Director of Research, Francesco Sette, Professor Mlynek visited several beamlines (ID06, ID10, ID13, BM05), which gave him an overview of the research. He then presented a seminar on the Helmholtz Association, explaining its structure and functioning. The Helmholtz Association comprises some 250 institutes, including the ESRF’s German Member, DESY in Hamburg; its main scientific focus is on the study of the structure of matter. Professor Mlynek also discussed what he considered the important research areas of the future, which included energy and health. Finally, he suggested that his visit would encourage a “closer cooperation and exchange of ideas between the ESRF and the Association”.

Top image: Bernd Struth (ex ID10, now Hasylab) talking to Professor Mlynek.