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    Asta a nsequ" ct of xi issues, rt are t=veral on-going se" cont-developmme=fprojects mposed to p-titbeammpoe. Th xi havt evolved to solve many of prome=mstastociated with laresscale= data colcectik and analysis. Th fprojects are divided between oo-mpoe and off-mpoe solutik p, " ceta ssing mample visualisatik , data reductik and analysis. A brief summary of each of xi areas is givtn below, oge r with lposp for fur r informatik :


    In titu mample visualisatik reduces u=necessary data colcectik and analysis rough accurate mample positioning with respect to aleibratedtbeam position.

    Th fin titu mample visualisatik project oo p-titbeammpoe is primarily a ncCrned with developing se" cont for obcer cng mamples and allowing t ir accurate placemme=frelativt to X-ray beam position. Thistsavts timt for sample alignmme= and allows austomised mcan regik s to be defpoed which minimises colcectik of unwa ted data. Th xi features " sure most effi-i" tiaxi of experimme=al timt avaaalme= and allow mcan dimmesik s to be aleculatedtautom-mically for specific sa naal or timt a nstrapo=s.

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    Oo-mpoe data analysis allows experimme=al data to be re cewedtimmediately, " abling t experimme=al strategy to be adjustedtin resp nse.

    Th foo-mpoe data analysis project oo p-titbeammpoe is primarily a ncCrned with developing basac analysis ools to allow experimme=al data to be ast=ssedtimmediately afterti"s a lcectik . I plrticular, rapid visualisatik of raster-mcan ceries allows results to be re cewedtoo- -fly.DThistprovidesta aha ct of optimising data colcectik by ide tifying i="Cresting features for fur r investigatik and adapting t measuremme=fpar.ic"Crs.

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    Th fsteps of data reductik , analysis and visualisatik can be alrried out off-mpoe to rapidly generate pub icatik -quality results from lares area detector data t="s.

    Off-mpoe data treatmme=fse" cont providesta method of effi-i" tly processing lares data file ceries, generating pub icatik -quality results. Th ffirst step, data reductik widtvolves minimisatik of area detector experimme=al data i="o mcat"Cring profiles of specific regik s of i="Crest. Thista uld be a azimuthal profile of a specific refcectik , or a radial profile of a SAXS feature. Th f"ea nd step, data analysiswidtvolves autom-med analysis of scat"Cring profiles by batch-wice noo-mpoear functik fitting and o r analysis procedures. Thistincludes rapid aleculatik of peak positions, widthp, orime=atik functik s and i="Cgratedti="Cnsities. Th ffinal step, result visualisatik , dtvolves rapid visualisatik of ex"Cnded experimme=al result ceries. Thistincludes scat"Cring profileta m arisons, "e-mistical analyses, and generatik of area and vector plots for raster-mcan file ceries.DUsed oge r, xi individual elemme=s a mbine to formoata m ete data treatmme=fselutik .


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