According to French regulation (Arrêté du 15 janvier 2004 modified by Arrêté du 30 juillet 2004, concerning the importation, exportation, possession, transfer and use, free of charge or expensive, acquisition, and transport of some biological agents responsible for infectious diseases, pathogenic micro-organisms and toxins) the ESRF has to check valid authorisation for such activities.

All biological agents falling under this law require an ANSM authorisation.  This includes all recombinant proteins or other molecules issued from the listed biological agents, even if they have been over-expressed in a non-pathogenic micro-organism (i.e. E. coli, insect cells, pichia pastoris, etc.).

The following document Biosecurity Sheet (doc/pdf) (Attention : only required for source organisms falling under ANSM control Arrêté du 30 juillet 2004, see list of controlled organisms) is to be sent to the Biosafety Officer once completed.

The following forms have to be requested directly to ANSM for coming to ESRF beam lines :

  • ANSM Importation authorisation
  • ANSM Exportation authorisation
  • ANSM Transfer authorisation

and sent directly to the ANSM by fax +33 (0)1 55 87 35 82 or email

Teams from France

Those wishing to come to the ESRF with biological elements falling under ANSM control must provide, a copy of their authorisations corresponding to their controlled ‘biological agent’ (their or the teams with which they collaborated in order to obtain their proteins or the genes as nucleic DNA) and should request to ANSM a “Autorisation de Cession” to ESRF for the time of their experimental sessions on our beamlines.  It will then be possible to guarantee a complete tractability of the controlled biological agents).

SAXS samples
For teams involved in SAXS experiments who already have authorisations for crystals must request another authorisation for the new conditioning (liquid samples).
Make sure that you request a six-month authorisation (maximum validity) for several experimental sessions.

Important information: With the new regulation (Décret du 30 juin 2010), the notion of "part of" has been defined as follows:

  • For toxins and toxin fragments, authorisation is required when the sequence is more than 167 amino acids
  • For genetic materials, authorisation is required when DNA and or RNA sequences are more than 500 base pairs.


It is now mandatory to register your dewars and dry shippers on IsPyB.



Arrêté du 15 janvier 2004

Arrêté du 30 juillet 2004

Décret du 30 juin 2010