ESRF-CNRS Joint Workshop
9-11 February, 2005



Materials - bones, artifacts, artwork,… - lie at the heart of both archaeology and art conservation. Synchrotron radiation techniques provide powerful new ways to interrogate these records of our physical and cultural past. In this workshop we will discuss and explore the current and potential applications of synchrotron science to problems in archaeology and art conservation.

Bringing together key members of the synchrotron community and experts in the disciplines of Archaeology, Archaeological Science, Art Conservation and Materials Science, the interdisciplinary workshop will report their latest research accomplish-ments, highlight ongoing projects, and catalyse new interactions between these fields.

Previous related meetings:
1) SR in Archaeometry Workshop, Daresbury Laboratory, 19-20 November 1999 (M. Pantos)
2) SR in Art and Archaeology Workshop, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Palo Alto, California, 18 October 2000 (N. Pingitore, R. Chianelli, H. Winick)
3) The First International Symposium on X-ray Archaeometry,18-20th July 2002, Tokyo (Prof. Uda).