ID11 - Materials science beamline

ID11 is a multipurpose, high flux and high energy beamline, concentrating on 3D grain mapping, diffraction, and PDF experiments in the area of materials science.

Tel: +33(0)47688 +ext
Jonathan Wright,
Scientist in charge
Vadim Diadkin
1st experimental hutch: 2527
3rd experimental hutch: 2560
Optics hutch: 2377
E-mail ID11


Technical overview

  • X-ray source: High flux (~1014 photons/s for white beam and ~1x107 photons/s monochromatic beam) and high energy (18-140 keV, optimised for >35keV applications) x-ray beam of dimensions that can be tuned from a few mm down to 100 nm.
  • Experimental hutch 1 (EH1): Contains a heavy duty diffractometer (movement in x, y,z and ω),a far field detector and optional fluorescence detector and high precision z translation stage.
  • Experimental hutch 3 (EH3):. The diffractometer has movements in x, y, z, θ, and ω and on it is mounted a sample stage with movement in x, y, z, rx, ry). The hutch has a full suite of detectors, including two near field, one far field and a 3d detector.


ID11 specializes in the following techniques:

  • Crystallography: Single crystal, powder and time resolved diffraction.
  • Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis: For amorphous and crystalline materials.
  • Diffraction Contrast Tomography (DCT): 3D grain mapping technique of unstrained samples.
  • 3DXRD: 3D grain maps of deformed material.
  • Topotomography: Single grain reconstruction experiments.

A variety of sample environments are available either directly from the beamline or from the ESRF instruments pool which can be used upon request. For analysis of results a number of data reduction and software packages are available.


Please follow the links provide in the text or in the left hand tool bar, or feel free to contact one of the members of staff to discuss your experiment.


Onsite information:

Please see the links in the left-hand navigation column for the following information  (visible to onsite visitors only):

  • ID11's Current Status from the beamline database,
  • Online safety training - to be done before starting experiments!
  • how to set up a laptop on the beamline.
  • undulator peak calculator