Enabling collaborative data exploration with modern HDF5 and Jupyter Notebooks

Start Date
01-04-2019 11:00
End Date
01-04-2019 12:30
Room SB-036 Science Building
Speaker's name
Elena Pourmal and John Readey
Speaker's institute
The HDF Group
Contact name
Lynda Graham
Host name
Andy Götz
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HDF5 is an open-source, high-performance technology suite that consists of an abstract data model, library, and file format used for storing and managing extremely large and/or complex data collections. The technology is used worldwide by government, industry, and academia in a wide range of science, engineering, and business disciplines. Many community standards including NeXus, a common data format for neutron, x-ray and muon science, use HDF5 for data management and storage.

In our talk, we will give a short introduction to The HDF Group, the organization behind HDF5, and our business model to support open source software. We will present HDF5 features under development, the HDF5 roadmap, including upcoming releases, the HDF Server (Kita), and how it can be used with JupyterHub/JupyterLab to enable server based notebooks for exploring large data repositories . We will also talk about challenges and successes in engaging HDF5 community in developing HDF5 and its ecosystem, e.g., h5py.


Elena Pourmal is one of the founders of The HDF Group, a not-for-profit company with the mission to develop and sustain the HDF technology, and to provide free and open access to data stored in HDF. Ms. Pourmal has been with The HDF Group since 1997 and for 20+ years led HDF software maintenance, quality assurance and user support efforts. Ms. Pourmal currently serves as The HDF Group Engineering Director leading HDF5 engineering effort and is also a member of The HDF Group Board of Directors. Elena received her MS in Mathematics from Moscow State University and MS in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her interests include management of software development projects, HPC, and HDF5.

John Readey has been a Senior Architect at The HDF Group since he joined in June 2014.  His interests include web services related to HDF, applications that support the use of HDF and data visualization. Prior to joining The HDF Group, John worked at Amazon.com from 2006-2014 where he developed service-based systems for eCommerce and AWS. John graduated from Ohio State University with Master degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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