All applicants need to submit a scientific proposal to use DUBBLE via the ESRF user portal.  However researchers funded by the Dutch and Flemish research councils should tick the box 'CRG proposal' (see example below). A list with available beam lines will pop up and you can choose either DUBBLE SAXS or DUBBLE XAFS. Please do not tick any other box, not even to take advantage of the exchange agreement with the Swiss-Norwegian beam lines. If the latter is the case please choose 'DUBBLE XAFS' and indicate in the text of the proposal that you would like to make use of this arrangement.

The deadline for the proposals submitted in this way is April 1st and October 1st.

submitting a proposal2.gif

The rules for reimbursement of travel and subsistence are different from those of the ESRF standard proposal. This is the link to the NWO  website page devoted to DUBBLE where further information can be found. For experimental report and reimbursement claim forms please scroll to the bottom of their page. (contact Mw. H. Dekker