Several stripline type electrodes have been developed and installed on the ring.

The stripline electrode is more sensitive than the classical capacitive type electrodes used for the beam position monitors. Figure 191 presents a view of such an electrode.

Fig. 191: Stripline electrode installed on a short chamber between two flanges.

The coupling with the beam is quite high compared to the electrostatic button pick-ups used for the BPM. The frequency bandwidth is large. It is limited in the low frequency domain by the length of the line, and in the high frequency by the quality of the feedthrough connector. When used as a pick-up electrodes, the high sensitivity allows the detection of a single bunch of less than 10 µA. This is of high importance to tune the orbit during injection without producing excessive dose rates of neutrons and gammas. When used as a kicker, its large frequency bandwidth allows the selective excitation of a single bunch which greatly simplifies the removal of the undesirable bunches in the hybrid mode of operation (process also known as cleaning).