Data Analysis

The Unit is headed by Amando Solé, and is in charge of maintaining and developing scientific software for the ESRF, in relation to online and offline data processing.

The functions are very wide, going from the development of long-term projects to day-to-day consulting and troubleshooting. The ESRF staff and visitors are free to contact us for any problem or question concerning scientific software.

In due course this page will be replaced by the EPN software catalogue. This is under development, and a preliminary version is already available.

See Data Analysis intranet site.

  • Implementation of new software
  • Support of existing software
  • Wide-scale search of relevant application programs
Off-line analysis, physical models and data fitting:
  • 2D data analysis: DEVA
  • 2D data analysis: FIT2D
  • 2D imaging and handling of X-ray data: MatSpecGUI
  • 2D Powder-XRD Analysis: XRDUA
  • 2D-XRD pattern modelling of single crystals or textured poly-crystals: ANAELU
  • 3D filtered backprojection for SR computed laminography (please contact L. Helfen)
  • 3D image analysis: iMorph
  • Analysis of ReflEXAFS Data: CARD
  • Band structure program package: SPRKKR
  • Bethe-Salpeter equation solver for x-ray spectra: OCEAN (please contact K. Gilmore)
  • Calculation of X-ray spectroscopy spectra: FDMNES (for details of the installation at the ESRF, please contact R. Wilcke)
  • Combined EXAFS and XRPD data analysis with EXAFS full multiple scattering calculations and whole-spectrum fitting: P
  • Core-level Spectroscopy Simulations: Crispy
  • Data analysis of EXAFS spectra using the fast spherical wave method: EXCURVE
  • Factor analysis (ITFA package)
  • Forward tomography and laminography simulation: SRCL (please contact P. Mikulík or C. Ferrero)
  • Full potential XANES: FPX
  • High Speed Tomography Reconstruction PyHST2: source and documentation
  • Laue Microdiffraction Data Analysis: LaueTools
  • Image analysis: ImageJ volume browser plugins
  • ImageJ plugin to filter XRD data with powder and grains: DCT tomo splitter
  • Monte Carlo for X-ray imaging and spectroscopy simulations: XRMC
  • Monte Carlo simulations of ED-XRF spectrometers: XMI-MSIM
  • Multidimensional fitting of XANES spectra: FitIt
  • Multiple Scattering for Spectroscopies: MsSpec
  • Multiplet Inner Shell Spectroscopy Interactive GUI: MISSING
  • Nano-structures Crystallography tools: PyNX
  • Nuclear Resonant Reflectivity: REFTIM
  • Open Phonon (source and manual)
  • Phase-retrieval from inline X-ray phase contrast radiographs: ANKAphase
  • SAS data analysis of proteins and other organic molecules in solution: GENFIT
  • SAXS/GISAXS data analysis: IsGISAXS
  • SAXS/SANS data analysis software: Scatter
  • Scalar and Magnetic multilayers: PPM
  • Simulation of X-ray imaging techniques: VXI (please contact P. Duvauchelle or C. Ferrero)
  • Surface crystallography: ANA/ROD
  • Wavelet Analysis for EXAFS
  • XANES quantitative data analysis: MXAN
  • X-ray and Neutron Powder Diffraction: PEAKOC
  • X-ray and neutron reflectivity data fitting: RFit2000
  • X-Ray optics: XOP
  • X-ray Crystallography I: ObjCryst++ / FOX
  • X-ray Crystallography II: ImageD11
  • X-ray Diffraction Analysis: VISROCK
  • X-ray Fluorescence Analysis: PyMCA
  • X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (AMARCORD replaced by Hilbert++, which can describe small clusters in the second quantisation formalism. For information about Hilbert++ please contact A. Mirone)
  • X-ray Standing Waves: XSWAVES (please contact O. Bauer)
  • X-ray Strain Orientation Calculation Software: XSOCS
Software expertise in:
X-ray optic analysis tools:
Data pre-processing and on-line analysis:
  • EDNA: a new initiative for automation of MX experiments that will replace DNA
  • FABLE: a framework for sequencing simulation, data taking and online analysis of X-ray crystallography experiments
  • FIT2D: 2-D data analysis
  • On-line processing and analysis of SAXS data by M. Sztucki
  • PyFAI: a python library for high performance azimuthal integration on GPU
  • PyMCA: X-ray Fluorescence Analysis
  • PRESTOPRONTO: full interface software developed to treat large sequences of EXAFS data
  • SAXS Programs by P. Boesecke
  • Utilities by P. Mikulík (unspec, spec, edf handling...)
  • XOP: X-Ray Oriented Programs (X-ray optics, data analysis, ray-tracing,...)
  • EDNA - A new initiative for automation of MX experiments that will replace DNA
  • BeamFocusServer code library - Python (please contact O. Svensson)
  • EDFExplorer - ESRF File Format converter to HDF5 container
  • Beamline simulation code library - Python/C++ (please contact O. Svensson)
Maintenance and development of software package pools:
  • Protein crystallography: PXSOFT
Software collections:
Partner groups:
  • Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing, Meylan, France Neovision
  • Chair of X-ray Microscopy, Julius-Maximilians-University, Würzburg, Germany LRM
  • Computing for Science Group, ILL, Grenoble, France CS
  • CSIRO Computational and Simulation Sciences, Australia CSIRO
  • Joint Laboratory CNRS/Saint-Gobain, Aubervilliers, France Saint-Gobain