The Software Group provide software in the form of development, support, maintenance,  and expertise capabilities in the areas of control, data acquisition and data analysis for the Accelerator and Source Division, Experiments Division, Technical Services and internally within ISDD.


The Software Group (headed by Andy Gotz) is composed of 3 units:

  1. Accelerator Control (headed by Jean-Michel Chaize)
  2. Beamline Control (headed by Gilles Berruyer)
  3. Data Analysis (headed by Claudio Ferrero)

Click on the link to find out more about each unit.



The Software Group has skills in the following areas :

  • programming of C/C++, Python, Java, Fortran
  • operating systems mainly Linux, Windows and Solaris
  • graphical user interfaces with Java. Swing and SWT, PyQT
  • optimising algorithms using special hardware like GPGU's
  • SPEC internals and macros
  • Linux device drivers
  • databases with MySQL
  • control systems
  • online data analysis
  • scientific algorithms
  • data formats

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help in any of these areas.




The Software Group subscribes to the idea that collaboration is the best way to develop software and therefore actively promotes collaborating both inside the group and with external programmers.


The Software Group is a lead member of the following collaborations :

  • Tango - a toolkit for building distributed control systems
  • EDNA - an online data analysis framework
  • ispyb - a laboratory information management system (for PX)


The Software Group also exports software to other institutes e.g.  :