Situated 94 m from the source, this station was built to carry out experiments with ~1 micron spatial resolution. EH3 has its own dedicated optical systems (OH2) offering a range of focussing methods. The diffractometer, has movement in x, y, z, θ, and ω and on it is mounted a sample stage with movement in x, y, z, rx & ry and a variety of permanently mounted detector systems, in order to allow the rapid switching between different experimental configurations, as well as simultaneous use of some detectors. The detectors available are:

  • Near field FReLoN camera (white beam detector)
  • Near field FReLoN camera with lenses
  • 3D Detector
  • Far field FReLoN camera
  • Sensicam
  • Fluoresence detector

This hutch was originally constructed in a collaborative project with the Synchrotron Working Group, at Risø National Laboratory, in order to make 3-dimensionally resolved measurements examining strain and texture. These measurements are possible during in-situ experiments on thermally or mechanically loaded samples as well as strain analysis with sub-micron resolution near surfaces and grain boundaries.

Currently, a brief description of the beamline and of some of our recent research activities can be found in the web pages of our major collaborator, the Risø National Laboratory.