Splitter and mirror vessels

In the splitter vessel there is a tungsten plate with two holes. BM26 receives 9 mrad of the radiation fan. The tungsten absorber "splits" this up in 2 + 5 + 2 mrad. The central part is cooled away and the remaining parts define BM26A and BM26B.

Splitter vessel
Mirror vessel


Sagittal focusing monochromator

BM26A has a double-crystal monochromator with sagittal focusing on the second crystal. The first crystal is water cooled and the second crystal is mounted on a bender as illustrated in the pictures.

AT29325.jpg AT29326.jpg AT29327.jpg
AT29328.jpg AT29329.jpg AT29330.jpg
AT29331.jpg AT29332.jpg Photos: Daniel Michon ARTECHNIQUE