Be Lenses

A set of Be compound refractive lenses are located in the OH at about 5 meters from sample position, in order to get a ~30 x 85 µm beam
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A. Snigirev, V. Kohn, I. Snigireva & B. Lengeler A compound refractive lens for focusing high-energy X-rays.

Nature 384, 49 - 51 (07 November 1996); doi:10.1038/384049a0


Example science:

colloid.png (colloid.png)


V. Petukhov, D. Aarts, I. P. Dolbnya, E. H. A. de Hoog, K. Kassapidou, G. J. Vroege, W. Bras and H. N. W. Lekkerkerker. High-resolution small-angle X-ray diffraction study of long-range order in hard-sphere colloidal crystals.

Physical Review Letters 88 (2002), no. 20.

Hexaat.png (Hexaat.png)

A.V. Petukhov, D. van der Beek, R.P.A. Dullens, I.P. Dolbnya, G.J. Vroege, H.N.W. Lekkerkerker,  Observation of a Hexatic Columnar Liquid Crystal of Polydisperse Colloidal Disks.

Phys. Rev. Lett., 95, 077801 (2005)


Motors with nanometer resolution here.