The post doctorate programme of the ESRF aims to allow young scientists from the international scientific community to acquire knowledge on the use of synchrotron radiation by participating in the running of the beamlines and in their associated research programmes.

Note: the following information is non-contractual

1. Contract

Post-doctoral fellows are appointed for a period of two years, extendable to 3 years. They benefit from an initial 18 months contract which is followed by a second contract of either 6 months or 18 months.

2. Salaries

The annual gross salary is fixed at 40910 € for the first two years. This salary may be increased during the third year depending upon performance.

3. Allowances

In addition to the above salary, the ESRF will pay a monthly expatriation allowance to new staff recruited from outside France under certain conditions of residence.
For staff members recruited from outside the Grenoble area the ESRF will pay upon arrival, in one instalment, an installation allowance to contribute to installation costs. The amount depends on the individual's family situation.

4. Social Security, Pensions, Taxation

Salary and allowances (total remuneration) are subject both to French income tax and to contributions to the French Social Security and other compulsory schemes.
Benefits include a private health insurance and a supplementary pension scheme. The total contributions (for social security, pensions, health insurance and unemployment) amount to about 23% of the total remuneration (salary and allowances).

5. Travel Expenses and Removal Expenses

The ESRF pays the initial travel cost (cheapest rate) for the new staff member and for the dependent family members residing with him/her in Grenoble as well as travel costs at the end of the contract according to internal rules. A maximum amount of 1500 € will be payable or refundable for removal costs at beginning and end of contract (provided that the post doc fellow has stayed a minimum of 2 years).
Removal expenses are not reimbursed.