The Venue is the ESRF auditorium on the EPN Site.


Rooms have been pre-reserved at the ESRF/ILL Guesthouse on the EPN site.
If you wish to reserve a room at the Guesthouse, please choose the R2 registration fee (185€) and indicate which nights (3rd, 4th or 5th July) you wish to reserve on the registration (up to 3 nights maximum).

Please note that:
* for security reasons, the ESRF/ILL Guesthouse is not available for accompanying persons,
* if you arrive after 20.00, you will have to ask for your room key at the site entrance.



Meals are taken at the ESRF/ILL common restaurant on site.
The participants from outside EPN will have to wear their symposium badge and to show it to the cashier.
On Thursday 4th July, a cocktail reception with a buffet will be organised around the Poster Session.
It will be held in the ESRF main building.
The conference dinner will be held at the restaurant "Le Per'Gras" in the Bastille, Grenoble on Friday 5th July. Tram and Téléphérique tickets will be provided.
If you wish to attend the symposium dinner, please ensure you tick the appropriate box in the electronic registration.  However, may we please request that you let us know if your plans change and you can no longer attend.