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Simulation of surface resonant X-ray diffraction

Joly Y., Abisset A., Bailly A., De Santis M., Fettar F., Grenier S., Mannix D., Ramos A.Y., Saint-Lager M.C., Soldo-Olivier Y., Tonnerre J.M., Guda S.A., Gründer Y.,
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 14, 973-980 (2018)

Polarity in GaN and ZnO: Theory, measurement, growth, and devices

Zúñiga-Pérez J., Consonni V., Lymperakis L., Kong X., Trampert A., Fernández-Garrido S., Brandt O., Renevier H., Keller S., Hestroffer K., Wagner M.R., Reparaz J.S., Akyol F., Rajan S., Rennesson S., Palacios T., Feuillet G.,
Applied Physics Reviews 3, 041303-1-041303-100 (2016)