Time-resolved Structural Studies - Synergy and complementarity between the ESRF and the European XFEL


The workshop will review the potential for new time resolved experiments at two complementary beamlines: the Femtosecond X-ray Experiments (FXE) beamline at the European XFEL and the ID09 Beamline for Structural Dynamics at the ESRF. On both beamlines, time resolved experiments are conducted using laser/pump and X-ray/probe techniques with single X-ray pulses to fully exploit the time resolution of the short pulses. The time-resolved structural change are monitored by diffraction, scattering and X-ray spectroscopy. The 10-100 fs pulses from the XFEL gives access to primary chemical and biological reactions such as bond breakage/formation, electron transfer and coherent vibrations. The 100 ps synchrotron pulse, on the other hand, is ideal for probing the ensuing cascade of intermediate states, from 100 ps to seconds, at higher spatial resolution and with lower radiation damage.

The workshop will discuss the overlap, synergy and complementarity between the two beamlines and evaluate future opportunities and challenges for the structural dynamics user community in Europe.

The workshop will start at 08.30 on Monday 4 March and finish at 15:00 on Tuesday 5 March ; download the Programme !


Contact organisers : fxe@esrf.fr

Scientific contacts
Michael Wulff

Coordinator contacts
Isabelle Combe
Fabienne Mengoni