Lectures will be held in the Chadwick Amphitheater of the ILL. The 'hands on' sessions on data collection and analysis will take place in different seminar rooms on the epn campus.
Students are invited to bring a laptop computer for the practical lectures.

List of Lecturers

  • Y. Chushkin, ESRF, Grenoble
  • M. Cotte, ESRF, Grenoble
  • G. Cuello, ILL, Grenoble
  • D. de Sousa Meneses, Univ. Orleans, CEMHTI
  • P. Florian, Univ. Orleans, CEMHTI
  • D. Foix, Univ. Pau, IPREM
  • P. Glatzel, ESRF, Grenoble
  • M. Gonzalez, ILL, Grenoble
  • B. Hehlen, Univ. Montpellier, L2C
  • Y. Joly, NEEL, Grenoble
  • D. Massiot, Univ. Orléans, CEMHTI
  • E. Mitchell, ESRF, Grenoble
  • D. Neuville, IPGP, Paris
  • O. Proux, NEEL, Grenoble
  • M. Retegan, ESRF
  • B. Ruta, Univ. Lyon, ILM
  • G. Vaughan, ESRF, Grenoble
  • F. Zontone, ESRF, Grenoble