7-9 July 2004, Grenoble, France



First Announcement


The ESRF is pleased to host a new joint ESRF-CECAM international workshop that will focus on new trends in the simulation and experimental studies of liquid and amorphous matter.

Particular emphasis will be given to polymorphism in equilibrium and undercooled metastable liquids, glasses and to amorphous network-forming systems. A further discussion will address current experimental and theoretical innovation.

By gathering together experimentalists with expertise in a wide range of techniques and theoreticians able to explore numerically large parts of the phase diagram, this workshop will trigger new synergies. 

Aim of the Workshop

  • To join together experimental, computational and theoretical scientists working on common themes in order to encourage new collaborations
  • To define directions for future investigations

Topics of the Workshop

Five main sessions over three days will be dedicated to:

  • Undercooled liquid metals 
  • Liquid, glassy and amorphous semiconductors
  • Water and related systems 
  • Colloids, macromolecules and biological cells
  • State-of-the-art in experimental and theoretical investigations 

A poster session will be open to a wider range of topics within the general scope of the workshop.

Programme and abstracts