Scope of the Workshop

The enormous brilliance of modern synchrotron radiation sources has opened new avenues for the characterisation of low-dimensional systems like thin films and nanoparticles. In this field, the technique of nuclear resonant scattering enjoys a growing interest with applications in many disciplines of natural sciences.

It is the virtue of this technique to probe magnetic order as well as dynamical properties in basically the same experimental setup. The use of isotopic probe layers, for example, allows one to determine these properties with very high spatial resolution; focusing techniques and x-ray interference effects lead to a very high sensitivity for smallest amounts of material.

The scope of this workshop is to summarise recent results obtained via elastic, quasi-elastic and inelastic nuclear resonant scattering from nanoscale structures.

The focus is on the study of low-dimensional magnetism as well as on dynamical properties of thin films and nanoparticles.

A number of keynote lectures will give an overview of the current state of research in these fields. Invited and contributed talks will describe specific applications and future directions.

Lecturers who have already agreed to contribute are:

  • J. Kirschner, MPI Halle: Recent Highlights in Nanoscale Magnetism
  • H. Reichert, MPI Stuttgart: Phase Transitions and Fluctuations in Confinement
  • P. Böni, TU München: Magnetic Nanostructures Studied by Neutron Scattering

The workshop will start in the early afternoon of 24th March and end in the early afternoon of 26th March. We plan to have sessions with invited and contributed talks as well as a poster session and a conference dinner.

If you, your coworkers and students from your group are interested to participate in this workshop, please send a short preliminary note to the organisers.