The ESRF hosted the third international Workshop on Mechanical Engineering Design of Synchrotron Radiation Equipment and Instrumentation. MEDSI 2004 presented the state of the art and outlook for innovative design as well as technology under development in third generation light sources.

The Workshop had a dual format:

  • a one-day tutorial (24 May 2004) giving in depth coverage of specialized topics,
  • a traditional three-day Workshop (25-27 May 2004): plenary sessions and poster sessions to enable the participants to keep abreast of research in MEDSI technology. Participants were invited to join a guided tour to the ESRF (tunnels and beamlines).

Firms operating in MEDSI sectors had booths in the exhibition area.


Aim of the Workshop

  • To bring together the people involved in the mechanical engineering design of synchrotron radiation equipment and instrumentation
  • To share mechanical engineering developments at the various synchrotron radiation laboratories
  • To foster technical exchanges in this field
  • To strengthen contacts between those involved in the wide field of mechanical design: scientists, developers and companies that produce equipment and instrumentation for the synchrotron radiation community


Topics of the Workshop

  • Novel design of accelerators and beamline components
  • High precision positioning mechanisms
  • Vibration and mechanical stability
  • High heat load analysis and design
  • Opto-mechanical devices
  • Insertion devices, front ends and vacuum chambers
  • Modelling and experimental validation aspects
  • Sample environment specific conditioning
  • Automation related mechanics



The Workshop was dedicated to everyone interested in mechanical engineering in synchrotron radiation facilities, as well as experts in the specific topics.

 list of participants

International Programme Committee 

J.R. Chen - SRRC (Taiwan)
Y. Dabin - ESRF (Fr)
A. Gambitta - ELETTRA (I)
S. Goto - SPRING8 (J)
E. Haas - NSLS (USA)
C. Herbeaux - SOLEIL (Fr)
T. Noll - BESSY (D)
A. Paterson - ALS (USA)
S. Sharma - APS (USA)
D. Shu - APS (USA)
S. Zelenika - SLS (CH)
L. Zhang - ESRF (Fr)