Giant Induced Polarisation Effects of Non-Magnetic Elements in Uranium Compounds
The Magnetism of One-Dimensional Nanostructures Studied by Magnetic Circular Dichroism: Fe on Cu(111)
Magnetism: From Monolayers to Multilayers
  Non-collinear Magnetism in fcc-Fe/Co (100) Films
Anti-ferromagnetic Coupling and Spin Fluctuations in Thin Fe3O4Films
Bulk Spin Transition in a Magnetic Superlattice
High Pressure X-ray Absorption Studies of Magnetism
Magnetism and Structure: the Fe - Phase Transition Monitored by X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
Spin Moments in the Reentrant Ferromagnet SmMn2Ge2
Double Magneto-Elastic Phase Transition in ErFe4Ge2
4f and 5d Magnetism in Samarium
X-ray Natural Circular Dichroism