In 2005 the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (MEC) has proposed and decided that the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC, to take in charge the management of the SpLine beamline. Therefore, MEC and CSIC have signed an agreement that regulates the beamline operation.



The MINECO(former MEC) through the former The Secretaría General del Plan Nacional de Investigación (SGPN) Científica y Desarrollo Tecnológico proposed in 1996 to the ESRF the construction of a beamline as a Collaborating Research Group (CRG-Spline) at the ESRF. After approval of the proposal by the ESRF Council, the construction terms were agreed in a contract signed by the SGPN and the ESRF on 14 November 1997. In 2005 an agreement for the beamline operation is reached between the MEC and the ESRF.


In accordance with the agreement between the MINECO and the CSIC, the CSIC has created a large facility unit (Unidad de Grandes Instalaciones), which main goal is concerning with beamline managements in accordance with the common objective to cover the Spanish scientific community needs in synchrotron radiation