Single crystal diffraction including surfaces, interfaces, superlattices and thin films can be performed with a six-circle diffractometer in vertical geometry. The diffractometer has its main axis in the vertical and is able to house loads up to 50 kg. In this way UHV baby chambers, magnets, cryostats and reactor cells are easily accommodated. In addition to the standard circles for orienting the sample and the detector, additional motions to align the surface normal along predefined directions (vertical or horizontal) are required for interface scattering experiments, as it is customary in surface diffraction. For high resolution experiments, a Theta-2theta set-up together with a goniometer head is installed in the detector arm in order to use a crystal analyzer. The detector arm is rigid enough to allow the installation of heavy detectors if necessary. This is an accurate instrument with a confusion sphere diameter of ~ 100 microns.






Photonic Science CCD:

  • 3 x 11 MegaPixel CCD's
  • Final image resolution: 7651 x 3825 pixels
  • Pixel size: 32.8 microns square
  • Input active area: 250 x 125 mm.