Proposal submissions

Instructions for beamtime application

The French CRGs (D2AM, IF, FAME, FIP) have to deliver 33% of their beamtime to general ESRF users. The remaining 67% is available for researchers employed by French institutions / universities.


French users can of course also apply as general ESRF users to CRG/F or other beamlines.

If one wants to apply for beamtime for in CRG proposals in standard ESRF proposals
Anomalous crystallography D2AM-Kappa BM2
Small angles scattering D2AM-SAXS BM2
Protein crystallography FIP - BM30A BM30A
Surface / Ultra vacuum IF - SUV BM32
Grazing incidence diffractomer IF - GM BM32


 Deadlines for proposal submission

February 17th          (for CRG beamtime  on SUN set)    and      March 2nd            (via ESRF User Portal)

 September 15th    (for CRG beamtime  on  SUN set)    and      September 10th  (via ESRF User Portal)