The second experimental hutch (EH2), 7 m long and 4.7 m wide, is centered around 58 m from the source and can accept both white and monochromatic beams. The white beam reaches a size (FWHM) of 100 mm (H) x 10 mm (V) at low energy and 70 mm x 5 mm around 100 keV. For example, this permits white and wide beam topography and other imaging techniques with very good spatial resolution.

Before entering EH2 the  beam may be prepared within a lead multipurpose box located in the upstream tunnel (monochromatic and white beam slits, visible light laser to visualize the beam direction, large beam fast shutter, Au grid for section topography). In EH2 the following instruments can be found:

  • A medium microtomography station 
  • A blue table platform to hold various detectors and zoom optics
  • A 5-axis diffractometer for topography and rocking curve imaging and for for the characterization of thin films, including for micro-electronics industry, using e.g. reflectivity, scattering and fluorescence
  • A horizontally bent multiayer to reduce the beam size in the horizontal direction for diffraction measurements on structured samples


Top View




Side view


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