SSHADE/FAME, a database for XAS spectra

Start Date
15-11-2019 10:00
End Date
15-11-2019 12:00
Room 1-10, Common Building
Speaker's name
Isabelle Kieffer and Denis Testemale
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Mauro Rovezzi and Olivier Mathon
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The SSHADE databases infrastructure ( hosts spectral data from gamma rays to radio wavelengths, covering the whole electromagnetic spectrum. It includes many different types of materials (e.g. minerals, meteorites, organic matters) as well as calculated spectra. The data model enables a precise description, from the sample to the experimental setup during the measurement. Each dataset is associated to a digital object identifier (DOI), offering the possibility to cite the spectra, according to current publication recommendations. A web interface for searching, viewing and downloading the data is operational and open to users since February 2018. The SSHADE consortium currently gathers twenty one laboratories from eleven countries and hosts almost two thousand spectra.

The French CRG spectroscopy beamlines at the ESRF, FAME (BM30) and FAME-UHD (BM16) have joined SSHADE, creating the SSHADE/FAME database. The database already contains more than two hundred x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) spectra. Two main goals motivated this initiative: fill the lack of XAS databases and anticipate current political and editorial trends for open access data. In fact, few databases exist in the field and generally provide a poor description of the sample and the instrument, resulting practically impossible to re-use the spectra for further data analysis. The consequences are a multiplication of measurements on similar samples across different beamlines and a lack of reference data.

We will present the SSHADE/FAME database and eventually discuss how additional spectroscopy beamlines at the ESRF could join the SSHADE consortium by creating their own database.

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