Radiochromic film dosimetry at micrometric scale for microbeam radiation therapy

Start Date
14-11-2019 10:00
End Date
14-11-2019 11:30
Room 337, Central Building
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Speaker's institute
Joint PhD within Grenoble Alpes University & Swansea University (Wales, UK)
Contact name
Eva Jahn
Host name
Michael Krisch
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Microbeam radiation therapy (MRT) is a novel radiotherapy approach for cancer treatment and neurological diseases based on spatially fractionated fields at micrometric scale. MRT provides better healthy tissue sparing and tumor control compared to conventional radiotherapy based on homogeneous field irradiations. Reliable and robust dosimetry protocols are the basis of any radiation therapy because a precise and accurate dose definition is mandatory for a positive treatment outcome.

Dosimetry in MRT is really challenging due to the extreme conditions under which it is performed. Radiochromic film is a powerful detector for the development of reliable dosimetry at the micrometric scale. The most recent protocol created for film read-out using an optical microscope will be presented and critical factors influencing dosimetry in MRT will be explained. The use of the updated protocols improved the agreement between simulated and measured dose that is now close to the radiotherapy requirements in medicine, bringing MRT closer to clinical applications.

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