Details of the public ESRF beamlines as well as those operated by Collaborating Research Groups (CRG) are given in Tables 7 and 8. Figure 173 shows the location of the beamlines in the experimental hall.

The transformation of ID06 into a multi-purpose instrumentation development beamline continues. The MX crystallography station at ID14-3 has been transformed into a bio-SAXS end-station dedicated to protein solution scattering experiments. ID14-3 started user operation in November. The GRAAL CRG beamline BM07 stopped operation in November and will be dismantled.


Fig. 173: Experimental hall showing location of the beamlines (public and CRG beamlines).


Table 7: List of the ESRF public beamlines.


Table 8: List of the Collaborating Research Group beamlines.