Automatic Sample Changer


A robotic sample changer is available on all the beamlines

Absorption corrections

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Mini-kappa head design

Design, both hardware and software of the a mini-kappa head (Sandor Brockhauser). The sample enviornment in macromolecular crystallography is quite constrained and precludes the use of a large 4-axis diffractometer.  It was therefore envisioned to maximise the data collection strategies of a particular crystal by optimally aligning it along a chosen axis. A mini-kappa head has been designed and built to be compatible with the newly installed mini diffractometer. The hardware and software is being routinely tested and is still under development. But it is hoped it will be in routine operation by users this year.

Long wavelength



Microspec online


Following the success of the old microspectrophotometer it was descided to design a new compact one that is compatable with the new diffractometers. This 'online' microspectrophotometer is capable of measuring the spectra of a small crystal before, during and after X-ray exposure. This will enable may interesting experiments to be carried out, aiding in radiation damage studies and in analysing the oxidation state of various oxidoreductases before and after X-ray exposure. The hardware was designed by the instrumentation group at the EMBL-Grenoble and the commissioning is being coordinated by Raimond Ravelli and John McGeehan. This project is being funded by BioXhit. A user guide is available



Radiation damage

ID14-4 is one of the first Undulator Macromolecular Crystallography Beamlines in the world and has been active in understanding and using radiation damage. See the Radiation damage webpage and other references on Raimond Ravellis' webpage. Also see papers by Sean McSweeney, Elspeth Garman and Martin Weik, who work closely with Raimond on this topic.