Window decorations disappear.

On one screen or both of them, the window decorations have disappeared. If you log in and log out, the problem still remains.

Solutions :

If you were using ESRFlinux :

Open a terminal (if possible, if not ctrl-F2 and log).

>kwin --replace &

If you were NOT using ESRFlinux :

Log out and log in using a GNOME (or something else session) as opid

Then in a terminal do :

> cp -R .kde kde_daub
> rm -rf .kde

Then log out and log in using KDE session as opid. The starting session is now similar to the previous one but you should have window decoration available on both screen. After checking this point, log out.

Log in as opid14 with a GNOME session.

Open a terminal and run :

> rm -rf .kde
> cp -R kde_daub .kde

Log out

Log in as opid with a KDE session. Report the trouble in the beamline logbook.

If the problem vanishes, then

> rm -rf  kde_daub