XDS.INP is not generated

Check that xdsin.py device server is running on Control PC by typing

bliss_dserver status

You should get:

xdsinp.py:                5698 /users/blissadm/server/src/xdsinp.py

to restart the server type

bliss_dserver restart xdsin.py

The same server can be restarted (and debugged) through the Dserver GUI (Icon on Desktop)


Regenerate XDS.INP for some Data Collection

On Control PC (artemis2, basil, sybil, p1-id29) run the script ~/bin/regenerate_xdsinp.sh. The script opens an text file (with the editor which is by default on the computer) with a list of latest data collection, leave the ones you are interested or copy the one you need. Quit the editor and input files are regenerated.