Note that this online Raman setup is currently in development, and it will not be available until November 2010!

In addition to performing Raman spectroscopy directly in the Cryobench lab ("offline mode"), it is also possible to connect the spectrometer via an optical fiber to a Raman head which is mounted on the X-ray beamline ID29 ("online mode").

Experimental setup

On beamline ID29, the Raman head is focussed onto exactly the same spot of the sample as the X-ray beam, allowing to easily record Raman spectra in between crystallographic data collections, e.g., to monitor radiation damage.

Check the offline Raman page for a more general description of our spectrometer and its capabilities.

A similar but older online Raman setup is described in a paper by Carpentier et al. [J. Appl. Crystallogr. 40, 1113-1122 (2007)].