Commands usage meaning
ascan ascan motor lim1 lim2 step sec. do an absolute scan
center center half-scan-range oscillation-angle mth-center center the cell
config config

Note: W to save the changes; ctrl c to go out

motors’ configuration file
cplot cplot number-x plot on the screen; ready to be printed
d1 d1 diode 1 linked to SPEC
d2 d2 diode 2 linked to SPEC
delta delta positive-ceny zero-ceny negative-ceny angle calculate D cenx when centering the cell
diode 1 off diode 1 off diode 1 up (= out of the beam)
diode 1 on diode 1 on diode 1 down (= in the beam)
diode 2 off diode 2 off diode 2 up (= out of the beam)
diode 2 on diode 2 on diode 2 down (= in the beam)
dscan dscan motor lim1 lim2 step sec. do a relative scan
edssetup edssetup  
edssearch edssearch  
erase erase erase the scanner image plate
history history give the list of the ~1000 previous commands
lambda lambda edge-energy edge-monorot calculate the wavelength

Note: calculation based on the geometry of the monochromator

laseroff laseroff laser off (= diode3 off)
laseron laseron laser on (= diode3 on)
mcaacq mcaacq sec. make an acquisition
mcanewfile mcanewfile  
mcaroi mcaroi 0

mcaroi 1 deg1 deg2

define a region of interest
mcasave mcasave save the acquisition
motpos motpos print the list of the motors’ position
mv mv motor position (mm or deg) move the specified motor to the indicated position
mvr mvr motor mm (or deg) relative movement of the specified motor from the initial position
newfile newfile put the SPEC scans in the indicated directory
powder_scan powder_scan read the fastscan and transfer the file to megabar
poff poff print off
pon pon results of the next commands will printed till "poff"
pp pp print the list of found peaks
pplot pplot number-x print cplot number-x
read read read the fastscan without transfering the file to megabar
set set motor position (mm or deg) set the position of the specified motor to
set_lm set_lm motor lim1 lim2 set limits
silena silena silena (= detector) linked to SPEC
tabalign tabalign dscan taby; umv taby CEN; dscan tabz; umv tabz CEN
tw tw motor mm do relative movements each time "enter" key is pressed
umv umv motor position (mm or deg) id. mv + movement written on the screen
umvr umvr motor mm (or deg) id. mvr + movement written on the screen
w4cir w4cir tth, th, chi, phi, chiy, chiz
wa wa show the list of the motors’ position
wbs wbs bsy, bsz
wcl wcl clh, clv
wcone wcone coneyo, conezo, coneyt, conezt
wdet wdet detx, lintwot, twot, detz
wds1 wds1 ds1l, ds1r, ds1t, ds1b

ds1ho, ds1hg, ds1vo, ds1vg

wds2 wds2 ds2l, ds2r, ds2t, ds2b

ds2ho, ds2hg, ds2vo, ds2vg

wfs wfs fsl, fsr, fst, fsb, fsvt, fsho, fshg, fsvo, fsvg
wm wm motor show the position of the specified motor
wmir wmir mvz, mvt, mhy, mht
wmon wmon lvm_fl, lvm_fr, lvm_bk

mono_fl, mono_fr, mono_bk, monoz

monorot, pico

wruby wruby rubyx, rubyy, rubyz
ws ws s1l, s1r, s1t, s1b, s1ho, s1hg, s1vo, s1vg
wsam wsam sample’s current position :

sax, say, saz, cenx, ceny, mth, mchi

wtab wtab tabt, tabyf, tabyb, tabz, tabrot, taby
wu wu show the list of the motors’ position (user)